ATCO Riders and Tractors

Lawn Riders

The Atco lawn riders, also known as lawn tractors are a great alternative to a large walk-behind mower, great for coping with even the smallest and intricate areas of lawn - so, smaller gardens, don’t be put off!

Most of our sit on mowers are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines, so you can trust that your new lawn rider will work effectively and efficiently, delivering a high quality finish.

Some have a twin cylinder Kawasaki Engine.

Why Atco?

We’re dedicated to bringing you products you’ll love which is why we offer warranties up to 5 years. 

Collecting Tractors

For homeowners with a larger garden space, of an acre or more, Atco collecting lawn tractors are the perfect solution to help you maintain your lawn with ease. The purpose of a collecting garden tractor is to carefully collect all cuttings from your lawn as you go. You can then use them to create your own lawn fertilizer or alternatively, dispose of them.

Side Discharge Tractors

The Atco side discharge mowers can not only save you time but with our cleverly developed technology, you can add a mulching plug so that you can also fertilise the lawn, recycle clippings and returning valuable nutrients back into the ground.

We stock a range of sizes and styles to suit your garden space, with various speeds and power levels available.

Note that side discharge mowers do not collect the grass clippings but instead, instantly disperse them as fertiliser to the ground.