Manufacturer Links

As an appointed main dealer for a variety of garden machine manufacturers, we’re able to service and repair a number of machines from different manufacturers, shown below. Please click on the links below to go through to the manufacturers’ websites.


With over 80 years of experience in providing customers with fantastic products, AL-KO is a leading supplier in the fields of automotive engineering, garden and hobby and air technology.


Bosch manufactures and produces a number of state of the art garden tools at the fore front of technology. With Bosch tools, you can expect more reliable and satisfying results.


Throughout the years, ECHO has produced and developed a sturdy reputation with commercial operators, that later spread to home owners for domestic use.


Honda is experienced in producing some of the most efficient and reliable technology in the world, and they’ve spread their knowledge and experience to gardening technology.


Hayter proudly boasts of a reputation as the makers of the finest mowers. Developing and producing mowers since 1946, they’re experienced and knowledgeable in providing their customers with the high quality mowers they deserve.


Kawasaki has produced a number of mechanical tools, from cars to leaf blowers, and they’re dedicating their experience and knowledge to garden machines.


Makita are the foremost manufacturer of power tools in the word, and they have close to a centuries worth of experience and knowledge in producing high quality products that are constantly exceeding expectations in performance.


The global leader in Turf and Landscape Maintenance, Toro has built up their impressive reputation by providing superior customer care, constant innovation, and fantastic products that are developed by a knowledgeable, experienced manufacturer.


Westwood is an English manufacturer, and have developed a range of efficient and productive garden tractors that their customers can be sure will provide them with the best quality of service.