GAB Garden Machinery Spare Parts Guide

As Authorised Service agents for many manufacturers we have direct access to the manufacturers’ parts systems enabling us to identify, source and supply genuine spare parts to ensure a quick "turnaround" of your machinery in the cutting season.

To enable us to help you please follow our parts identification and ordering guide, please see below for the information that we will require in order to help:

Briggs & Stratton engine parts:

These numbers are either stamped into the blower housing or on an identification plate riveted onto the blower housing, and are necessary for identifying the engine part and model so that we can provide you with the closest match.

  • Model i,e, 12H707
  • Type i,e,   1766-01
  • Code i,e, 89022802
  • The make and the model of the machine the engine is fitted to.

Mower, Tractor, Hedgetrimmer, Strimmer, Chainsaw, etc,

  • Manufacturer, Model number, serial number or frame number,ie : Honda -MABF  80004578 or GAFE 77880099
  • Hayter - Type 419E, serial no 419E000025896
  • approximate age of machine and some times the engine serial number is also required.
  • Electrolux Group (FLYMO, PARTNER, McCULLOCH)
  • Full Model name or number  ie Flymo Hover Compact 330 (HC330)
  • Product number ie - 9633311-01
  • Serial no ie - 80700337

Having Trouble?

If you have any trouble finding identification numbers please call us on 01934 852151 or visit our contact page. We’ll endeavour to help you identify your machine, the spare parts you need, and the manufacturer that produced the machine, so that we can give you the parts that are needed.

We have a vast supply of spare parts, and we’re confident that we can find a part that will suit your need. With a reliable and unbiased service, if we’re unable to find the part that you need or a similar part that will suit your requirements, we’ll attempt to direct you to where you can find such a place.