Useful Tips

Garden Machinery Maintenance

 Always read your owner's manual to understand and comply with comprehensive guidance and instructions to maximise use and maintenance of your machine. If you are unsure of any specific area, please feel free to contact us

Ensure you use the correct, clean, fresh fuel. With four stroke machines, all modern engines run on lead free petrol. With two stroke machines, the correct grade of two stroke oil should be thoroughly mixed with clean, fresh fuel at the manufacturers recommended ratio. It is advisable not to mix large quantities so your machine always benefits from fresh fuel. You can always purchase fuel additive from GAB. This additive, once added, will keep your fuel fresh for up to 18months providing it is added to fresh fuel. 

Ensure you maintain your machine in accordance with the owner's manual, paying special attention to the air filter, maintaining the engine oil level, sharpening the blade, and always clean and inspect the machine after use

With pedestrian rotary mowers it is advisable not to tip the machines on their side during cleaning, as this can contaminate the air filter with either engine oil or fuel. Always refer to your owner's manual for advice on which way to tip the mower as the wrong practice may invalidate your engine warranty

When using any type of lawnmower, always ensure that the cutting area is free of pets and children, foreign and solid objects before you start work. Solid objects, stones, tree roots, etc. will seriously damage any grass cutting machine and is not normally covered by the manufacturer's guarantee.

Always store your machine in a dry, secure area when not in use and for added security. Ensure the machine has your post code engraved into its body. With expensive items, it is worthwhile identifying them separately with your insurance provider.

Always clean grass from your mower when you have finished for the day - grass sap is extremely corrosive to mowers, especially those with steel bodies. When you feed your lawn with fertilizer, it is extremely important that you thoroughly clean and wash the underside of your mower. Fertilizer will seriously corrode aluminium deck machines.

After the last cut of the year, always drain the petrol or two-stroke fuel from your machine. This will help to reduce starting difficulties after prolonged storage. (or use a fuel preservative additive available from our shop). 

Mow the lawn regularly, and in the correct way, making sure the blades are sharpened and set at the correct height for that time of year. In hot weather or drought, try and water the lawn regularly and before it starts to go brown - don't cut the grass as short as your normally would. Trim the edges of the lawn with sharp edge trimmers or shears. 

Feed the lawn with a nitrogen rich fertilizer in the spring or early summer as frequent cutting of grass is a drain on soil nutrient reserves, regular raking in the spring and autumn will remove surface debris and stop the build up of thatch. Aerate the lawn to improve drainage, promote new growth and to relive compaction - this can be achieved by using a fork. Attend to brown patches as soon as they appear. 

Worm casts, when trodden into the lawn, make it appear uneven and provide a seed bed for weeds. Scatter the casts with a brush and remember that worms are good for your lawn.

Treatment for Moss & Weeds' Kill weeds and moss when they first appear to prevent problems getting out of hand, and apply routine treatments for moss, weeds and disease to prevent problems from becoming established. 

Top dress the lawn every autumn using appropriate peat, loam or sand mixture, and feed the lawn prior to the top dress with a balanced fertilizer to build up the root system.