GAB Garden Machinery Warranty

When we provide our customers with a garden machine of any type, we’re always confident that it will produce long lasting, reliable results.

So confident, in fact, that at GAB we are able to offer a repair service for many machines sold by us. We know that when our customers purchase a machine from us, they expect to receive a product that will provide them with the service they’re promised. We also know that sometimes, this service isn’t delivered, due to many factors.

We want to ensure that, no matter what you buy from us, you get what you expect, if not more than you expect. This is why we’ll always try to repair your machine if it is in any way broken. The warranty service we provide is of course subject to the individual manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions as supplied to you in the hand over from GAB to you, our customer. 


What you have to do in the unlikely event of your machine breaking down in the warranty period;

  • Call GAB at 01934 852151, with your original proof of purchase and warranty details on hand , and the details of the fault, so we can determine what we can do to help you and repair your gardening machine.
  • Have any extended warranty proof of service history with you both when you contact us, and when you bring your machine to us.
  • Bring the machine into GAB’s store with all of the above documents, as well as the accessories that the machine came with, such as mains leads, attachments and other such accessories.

With the information you have provided us, we will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible and return the machine back to you in full working condition.